Freddie Mercury Wanted Big Name To Replace Him In Queen


Late Queen frontman Freddie Mercury asked ‘White Collar’ star Ross McCall to replace him in Queen on tour a couple years before he died from AIDS, Freddie Mercury Club reports. McCall played a young Freddie in “The Miracle” music video. A surprising Freddie Mercury fan recently hit back after a brutal shot from Brian May.

McCall said, “I was really worried Freddie could think: ‘Oh no, this is not me’, and it was on the second day of shooting when the band came, before that we had only seen tapes, and when Freddie walked in I just tried to watch him how he behaved offstage as well. It was just amazing meeting him.

“They stood there watching us working. It turned out they were pleased with what we did, so much that Freddie came and quipped to me: ‘How are you fixed for doing a tour?’, so he could send me in his place.

“Years later, showing this video to girls did well for me. I’ve been in this business for more than 20 years now and this is the one thing that people still bring up. It’s a classic now.”

A terrible lie about a famous Freddie Mercury girlfriend was recently revealed. Freddie Mercury Club said, “I’ve always adored The Miracle video and if there’s one person who did Freddie justice Ross McCall was certainly the one. 👊

I love how Freddie asked him to do go on tour because in reality Freddie really pitched the idea to the rest of the band as he thought the boys were that good and it’d be really fun to see the fans’ reactions. 😁

And the story of Ross showing his epic collab with Freddie to seduce girls…😏 Yes no matter how many films or series you star in, nothing will ever beat a second you spent with the legendary Freddie Mercury. 💪❤👑”