Friend Reacts To ‘Blood Sacrifice’ Claim That Kurt Cobain Was Murdered And He Knows Killer


Kurt Cobain’s friend John Purkey discussed an insane murder conspiracy theory in a new video on his Observer YouTube channel, and why it’s totally false.

“Somebody just posted a message that they’re coming to a conclusion that I know who murdered Kurt, so I made up that it was a paranormal experience and I really know who did it. That is absolutely ridiculous. You can believe the weird- okay I did watch your video. Look I’m not putting you down, alright. I don’t know you. I know it sounds like from the video I watched you care what happened to Kurt. That’s great. I watched that video that you said, um it was a guy talking about how it was a blood sacrifice, um, something to do with Satan, okay. He’s talking about stuff Courtney did.

You know there’s some good points in there but to say it a blood sacrifice and for- come on people. Let’s stay with the facts. There’s enough facts. There’s enough facts. That it paints it- you know, the only way that any good is going to come out of this and some actual, you know, justice for Kurt, okay is through facts. You’re not- never- gonna admit anything is going to happen related to a blood sacrifice, okay, right.

Can you agree- you can believe that all you want but you take that to court they’re going to laugh you right out of the court room, alright. So, I’m pretty, I’m pretty frickin’ serious about this. He was a friend of mine. I did have that experience and I don’t know what the hell happened to him, alright. So, please, be real. I really appreciate that, and I know most of you, you know, that listen to my page or whatever probably feel the same way I did. But there you go, alright. Thanks.”