Smashing Pumpkins & Tool Legends Uniting Is Awesome


Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin shared a photo of himself backstage with Tool drummer Danny Carey at Tool’s show in Chicago at AllState Arena on Thursday night. Chamberlin wrote, “Hanging with my good pal #dannycarey – #Tool shredded the #allstatearena last night. Was an incredible show.”

For details on the setlist and Maynard James Keenan’s on stage banter, scroll below the the photo!

Hanging with my good pal #dannycarey – #Tool shredded the #allstatearena last night. Was an incredible show.

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The Grudge
Third Eye
Drum solo
The Pot

One fan on Instagram said that Maynard James Keenan said that Tool would see Chicago fans ‘soon,’ giving hope for a new album. Another fan wrote on Reddit:

“Over in section 112 we had some excitement and annoyances. Security dude decided to play big man on campus and shine his flashlight in the faces of everyone near people with cell phones out recording. I’m fine with making it so people don’t have their phones out but it was annoying being blinded during songs. Kinda took me out of the concert…

A girl in the section next to us puked before the opening band and looked like something from The Walking Dead the rest of the show.

A guy from that same section was rolling pretty hard or something because he was all over the place dancing and loving up on anyone near him. Pretty funny.

As far as Tool went, awesome show! Still on their game and did not disappoint at all. I was not impressed with the opening band though. Oh well.”

Another fan wrote, “I went to the show with one of my best friends. We were in Section 2 on the floor somewhat close to the stage. It was the best concert either of us have ever been to. No exaggerating. Tool were fucking amazing. This experience was more than worth the hefty prices we paid for tickets. We’ll be attending any future Tool shows that appear in our area.

I was surprised that they didn’t play any songs from Undertow. But they played “Ænema”, my favorite Tool song, so it’s all good.

Maynard’s monologues were hilarious and uplifting in a way. His singing sounded excellent.

Danny’s drum solo was amazing.

The visual effects were even more spectacular than I had imagined.”