Gavin Rossdale Confirms Stone Temple Pilots Purple Show


Gavin Rossdale has reacted to Stone Temple Pilots performing Purple live for the performance, saying he loved the performance in a reaction to STP bassist Robert DeLeo on Instagram. You can view clips of the performancew.

DeLeo wrote, “Thank you to everyone for watching the show tonight. I hope you all enjoyed and wishing everyone good health and love in these times.”

Blue posted on the Below Empty forums, “I really hope this concert sold well. For the Core show it seemed everyone on this forum, even people who haven’t been on in years, logged on to chime in… This concert just had 4 people talking about it. I don’t know if that’s just because the BE forum is harder for find, or maybe people are just less interested.

I’m not holding out hope for Tiny Music. It’s more obscure than Purple, and if Purple can’t draw a crowd then there’s no way Tiny Music is going to get played.

Maybe they can increase sales by making both shows permanently available on VOD. It would be nice to rewatch these on a whim.”

EyesofDisarray said, “That was really great. There were a lot of people complaining about connection issues, but I didn’t have any. I hope they get to rewatch it. I really hope the band keeps going and does a live show for each album all the way up through Perdida.”

Blue also chimed in, “Dean NOT playing Big Empty on his Sunburst Les Paul is probably the most shocking thing I’ve ever seen at an STP concert.”