Gavin Rossdale Reveals If He Really Hates Green Day


Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale was recently interviewed by Blink-182 singer/bassist Mark Hoppus on After School Radio on Apple Music. Alternative Nation transcribed Rossdale discussing his happiness over seeing his son wanting to cover Green Day.

Gavin Rossdale: By the way, my son whose now in love with music, Kingston, he loves your band.

Mark Hoppus: Oh, thank you very much.

Gavin: He’s all over my house. Yeah. He’s like, can you play this? I’m like, not yet. Let me just learn it. Jesus. Yeah. He’s really loves your band. It’s very sweet. He’s all about it. He’s like he’s right out there. He’s your number one fan. It’s really, it’s very sweet. I love that. It’s so brilliant when I’ve tried to influence so many things in his life like tiger dad and it’s just, it makes no difference. It’s like they just going to go where they go and find what they find. Now he just wants to play Blink 182, Green Day. Now the Sex Pistols and I’ve been playing X-ray Specs. I’ve been playing him Gang of Four to say, well, look, there’s all these bands. I understand you like, now look at the lineage now look where they came from. Then you take pieces of what they are and he’s got a band.

I mean, they have got band practice tomorrow. There’s like four sullen teenagers walking around the place going, “Can I have a Coke? Is that all right?” Then I would walk around with like half drunk cans everywhere, I’m just like… They’re in the garage, and there’s a drum set in the garage and they bring their amps and they just have at it. My son does scream through tiny little speaker. It’s beautiful. It’s really fun.

Mark: That’s awesome.

Gavin: I guess I’m the only parent that allows them to just like rehearse and just do their thing. I’m like, “Yeah, yeah, go for it. Yeah. Do it.”