Pearl Jam First List Of 2020 Tour Dates Leak


Pearl Jam have a big tour planned, and we recently reported that the band had a European tour in the works, with the initial rumor stating it would take place in 2020, and another hinting at 2021. Now the most reliable insider on the Ten Club forums has said there will be at least 7 shows on a summer European tour, with 1 major festival performance. These are only shows he is attending, so it could be more extensive. A major city is rumored to be getting a show in Europe in 2020.

dimitrispearljam said, “If something doesn’t change, I’m going to 7 shows next year. 1 festival. 1 outdoors. 5 indoors.” He also mentioned there aren’t any 2 nights in the same venue shows booked. A North American tour is in the works, but it appears it will either be in the fall or spring if the band will spend the summer in Europe. Due to Pearl Jam’s liberal political views, a fall 2020 tour would make sense for them in an attempt to get President Trump out of office, as he will be up for reelection.

There have been rumors of stadium shows in North America, though arenas would make sense for a fall run. Lerxst1992 posted on the Ten Club board, “I’ve been a fan since fall of 1991 and I know it’s only $20 a year and it took me forever to join but if Europe is getting as many or more indoor arena shows (or the same pathing as 2018) as the NE USA maybe it’s time to move on from wanting to attend live shows. Apple Music and XM rock!

Cant wait for all the shows in some areas overseas that struggle to sell out and roped off vacant sections while here we get a 4% chance to win the ticket draw and nothing near the stage on stub hub under a grand, mostly due to lack of shows and few tickets released to the public. Edit, and of course the well deserved popularity.” Eddie Vedder was spotted with Courteney Cox in a photo a couple of weeks ago.