Gavin Rossdale Ripping Nirvana Haters To David Bowie Revealed


Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale discussed haters, who were largely fans of Nirvana, trashing Bush in the 90’s for jumping on the Grunge bandwagon in a new Consequence of Sound interview.

“I think that it was pretty unfair, but so many great things have happened that it feels disingenuous to complain about a couple of writers in 1994 and their perspective. It’s just their perspective. You have to be a fully grown adult if you’re gonna put your head on the chopping block. You have to be able to take a few shots to survive. I took a lot of shots.

I was on tour with David Bowie, and I don’t like name dropping, but he’s a good one. I’ll suspend that for him. And I got another the sh*tty review somewhere, and I was like, ‘F*ck this guy, f*ck him.’ And I said [to Bowie], ‘How do you cope with it?’ and he said, ‘Outlive your critic.'”

Rossdale recently wrote on Instagram, “Straight from the heart I got nothing left no artifice no construction no obstruction just the wide open road of possibilities and mindsets – I know what I choose – liberty strength loyalty individuality grace kindness power understanding empathy sexuality self expression fireworks and daydreams 🖤. #dreams #music #likemindedpeople #rock #guitar #concerts #summer #brain #existentialism #passion #love.”