Motley Crue Icon Reveals How Many Drugs He’s Taking


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx revealed how he is taking as little prescription drugs as possible after having surgery on his right shoulder, and that having to take any pain medication makes his system feel ‘dirty.’

Sixx tweeted, “Sick of this fucking ice machine. This pain medication makes my system feel dirty & dead.I can’t take anymore TV or hear myself complain. Oh wait. PS so hope these cadaver parts in my shoulder are rockers. What if I got Kenny G’s body parts? #SixxMillionDollarMan.”

“It’s brutal but I need to get it done. Thank you.”

“Ive had a total rebuild. From the inside out and spiritually too. As soon as this shoulder heals I’ll be the healthiest of my life and ready to get back in the ring. 🤘🏽”

When fans asked about how much of the drugs doctors prescribed he is taking, he said he is mindful of his past addiction issues.

“I am very careful.”

“You need some pain management. But I take 1/2 as much a day and for half the time which usually 10 days. I took very little today and just accepted the pain. Good question.”

He said to a fan dealing with drug addiction, “Your gonna die if you don’t reach out for help. All alcoholics and drug addicts die a sad and lonely http://life.You end up financially destitute, in jail or dead or ALL. It’s your time right now to take control. I believe in you. Go for it..The choice is YOURS. STEP 1.”

He also said, “I find time chips away at us. When you take on those negatives messages from others or yourself we sometimes fall into depression. If this is true for you, try to rewire your brain. Lots of info out there on how. I did. I’m not even the same persons I was in the 80’s.”

“I am interested it portraits but a couple simple ideas that will become coffee table books. I know this homeless shelter a few miles from my photography studio. I was gonna drive over and pick people up and shoot there portraits. Raw and beautiful.”