Girlfriend Of Late Iconic Grunge Singer Is Selling Courtney Love Pinatas


Late Mother Love Bone singer Andrew Wood’s girlfriend Xana la Fuente has posted the following on her Grunge Storytellers Facebook:

Meanwhile, somewhere over the rainbow in Olympus….

Your welcome Chris for the best, wonder what ever happened to it. I see clothes in photos and much like the Tale of the Orange Shirt, my Lanye blog, I have all these funny memories about where the clothes came from. I had 2 of the same belt and Chris one day says ” I noticed you have 2 of that cool black belt, I bet it would fit me ” so I said ” You can have it but you have to give me copies of every song you ever write ” He said ” okay and smiled . He kept up his part of the deal for a long time, and I hear stuff in songs throughout the yearsl and kind of feel sometimes like its little subtle messages, in any case, I’m glad I had 2 of the same cool belt, deal of a lifetime for me!

I hope wherever they are celebrating Andy’s birthday Chris is wearing it and hopefully Andy’s wearing something silly like a ridiculous hat! In case your not friends with me on here, fear not! I can’t add any more people but I post publicly anyhow most of the time and am building a new online magazine ‘ Shine Music Magazine ‘ which will replace’s main site and still attach to all the blogs, its looking amazing and will have lots of fun stuff for sale in the online store like our now much in demand Courtney Love Pinatas,m you can finally say ” I’d hit that\” and not be ashamed! Plus original artwork from all over the world of your fav grunge hero’s, Stay tuned and stay grungy!

Siempre, Xana