Gene Simmons Caught Drooling In Gross KISS Video


A fan named within has pointed out on the KISS Faq forums that Gene Simmons was filmed drooling at a recent KISS show. Very rock and roll, he’s a human being just like the rest of us! within posted, “I just noticed this by accident. Check out 34:05 and watch it for the next 30 seconds or so… if you dare 😀

And no, it’s not the blood part…”

A fan named Frank responded, “Drool and sweat happens at live shows!”

Another fan posted a GIF, which may have been from another show.

Paul Stanley discussed the KISS End of the Road tour in a new MCall interview.

“If we were wearing T-shirts and jeans and athletic shoes, we could do this into our 90s. There’s no reason to stop. But take any one of those bands and put 40 pounds of gear on them and they wouldn’t make it through a tour.

So it just has reached a point where we just felt let’s go out there and be at our best, knowing we can be at our best, and not look to the future. Let’s stop when we believe we can deliver the best KISS ever.”

KISS have received many positive reviews while on tour, despite criticism by some on social media and fan forums.