Gene Simmons Daughter Disrespects Dad In Sad Photo


The Gene Simmons and KISS fan account Fred_Paulie has revealed this hard-hitting photo of the ever-so-talented Sophie Simmons in a karate outfit showing off her moves on her dear ole dad, KISS legend, Gene Simmons. If this proves anything, not only is Sophie Simmons a woman that can do both as Simmons recently revealed this beautiful Christmas outfit but it proves that Sophie Simmons can look absolutely dazzling in even the most restricting of getups!

In other news revolving Sophie’s father, KISS fans took to social media via Reddit to discuss the legacy of the group’s ninth studio album entitled “Music From The Elder”. Gene Simmons massive KISS tour paycheck was newly revealed.

ShastaTikiPunchTheOG wrote: “I was always fascinated by it from a conceptual standpoint but beyond the first two tracks I never really sat down to listen to it until recently. It’s really not a bad record, in fact, I think ‘Only You’ is a phenomenal song. Sure, the concept is a bit wacky but given that they’re supposed to be superhero characters anyway it really isn’t too far out of left field.”

Whereas Nuttmegx replied: “I love this album, actually. I think it gets a lot of shit just because people think they are supposed to give it a lot of shit. ‘The Oath’, ‘Escape From the Island’, I, ‘A World Without Heroes’, Under the Rose’, ‘Dark Light’, the album is great with some missteps, I love it.” This Gene Simmons embarrassing bathroom video was recently revealed.