Gene Simmons Daughter Reveals Christmas Outfit


Gene Simmons‘ daughter, the darling Sophie Simmons exposed this head-turning and seductive outfit just in time for the holiday season. All we want for Christmas is Sophie! Simmons wrote about the outfit: “is it winter yet freeze gonna freeze my butt off in Tokyo next month (old photo I didn’t dye my hair, well not brown anyway)” Gene Simmons daughter was recently caught in bed with young models.

Simmons’ fans had this to say about the alluring outfit on Instagram. shawnlewy44 wrote: “You keep on stealing my breath away and my heart Sophie Simmons. Please, pretty please, be my girl and queen.”

Bob_lacroix put: “Lol, talking about winter. Yep, it’s snowing in Quebec, and it’s beautiful Sophiet. You must visit old Québec city in December, its so beautiful and romantic. Lamour pour toujour ma belle.”

Gene Simmons’ daughter revealed if she got implants not too long ago.  Aunt_belinda replied: “Sophie, you look just like your Beautiful Mother, just with dark brown hair! You have your “own” beautiful look! The best of both of your parents!”

Fred_paulie showed concern with their response: “It’s getting colder and colder here in Tokyo. Maybe it’s almost summer in Australia, so please take care of yourself.”