Gene Simmons Daughter ‘Puffy’ New Photo Revealed


The stylish and chic daughter of Kiss icon Gene Simmons, Sophie Simmons is showing us all how to keep warm for the winter in this fashionable puffy jacket which is she is wearing on the streets of Japan. Retro styling meets practical comfort with her tight black joggers as well and we feel this entire outfit is a hit. Go Sophie! Gene Simmons daughter dances in white shirt photo.

In other news revolving Gene Simmons’ acclaimed band Kiss, fans of the ‘hottest band in the land’ responded to the fact that Kiss’ opener will be none other than Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth in a new topic within the KissFaq forum. Gene Simmons daughter ‘licking’ video revealed.

One user stated: “I don’t see anything about specific dates yet, maybe he’s taking over the opening spot and getting all that painter money… I love it though, when he’s singing like he should, DLR is the man! I give it like 3 shows before he pisses of Paul though.”

While another put: “I love David Lee Roth, especially his goofy shit. I’ve seen him solo roughly twenty times…from Madison Square Garden to Malibu (great little now-defunct rock club on Long Island). That first band he assembled is as good a unit you’ll ever find. ALWAYS had a great time at his shows. Love the music and I love that DLR shtick. I really hope this is true. You know, off the top of my head I can’t remember the last ‘opener’ for KISS that I saw their full set. That would certainly change. Gene Simmons’ daughter backside ‘close up’ photo leaks.