Gene Simmons Daughter Rejects Man Hitting On Her


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons recently did a social media fan Q&A, and when a man asked for her phone number, she wouldn’t give it! You’re going to have to ask in person to get a date with a woman of Sophie’s stature! Below are highlights from the Q&A. Gene Simmons’ daughter was recently filmed squatting in pajamas.

Can I have your number?

“You can have my lucky number…7.”

Are you in love?

“Right now with music. Meh.”

Favorite song you’ve sung on?

“It hasn’t come out yet! But it’s with someone who I just think is such an amazing artist and I love him so much as a person as well.”

Gene Simmons’ daughter was stunned earlier this week by a family health scare. shupey posted a review of a recent KISS show in Des Moines, Iowa on, “I would put attendance at about 80-85% though I am not an attendance master like Nibs. Probably about the same as when I saw them in the same arena with Def Leppard in 2014. Appeared Paul was singing more. A lot more vocal gymnastics between songs too.

Gene was much more vocal with his ‘Oh yeahs’ in between songs too. Felt like there was a few different effects throughout since I last saw them in March. Crazy Nights seemed to go over better than DYLM did previously as well. The guys looked to be really enjoying themselves as well. Also, Des Moines was spelled correctly on the shirts. 😎” Gene Simmons’ wife recently made a bold Paul Stanley claim.