Gene Simmons Daughter Sad Malfunction Revealed


Another day, another post of Gene Simmons wife just confirmed this horrible firing news.

It’s also nice to see that Simmons can keep a sense of humor even in the most inopportune moments as posing for her original Instagram shot, she stumbled and had a bit of a wardrobe issue that you can see below. Gene Simmons’ daughter most recently bent over in this tight shorts photo.

She commented that her wardrobe must have made her trip and fall over, “I was trying to crouch and fell over so i just took the photo there.”

In other news regarding Sophie’s father – Gene Simmons, fans took to social media to discuss the legacy and impact on one of Kiss’ most landmark albums’ ‘Destroyer’.

One reviewer stated: “Destroyer is excellent. Arguably the best Kiss record. It has it all. “Detroit Rock City” “King of the Night Time World” “God of Thunder” of course “Beth” and “Shout it Out Loud” – and my favorites “Sweet Pain” and “Flaming Youth” and “Do You Love Me”. This saw Kiss hit their first snag with Ace as he was replaced by Dick Wagner on “Sweet Pain” and “Beth”. But, oh well. Bob Ezrin was a genius on this. This record made Kiss bigger than life. The songs matched their personas. These songs because of the soundtrack for their shows and generations of fans. It is interesting to think what would have happened if Kiss had followed up this record with another Ezrin produced album? This Gene Simmons ‘miserable’ lonely restaurant photo was revealed a couple of days ago.