Howard Stern Unloads On Ozzy Osbourne Family Disrespect


Howard Stern discussed legendary Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne‘s wife Sharon Osbourne being disrespected by Simon Cowell last week on his show. recapped: Howard said he left America’s Got Talent and he was going to leave after 2 or 3 years. He said he told NBC that. He said he has no criticism of NBC or America’s Got Talent about that. He said by the third season he told them that he was going to leave. He said they asked him to please come back for a fourth season.

He said at the same time Simon was going behind his back to get his job. He said he’s doing this because some news people are so dumb. He said he has a report to play from a CW news channel. Howard said Simon is a skunk for going behind his back and trying to get his job. He said he found out through the Sony hack. He said that his emails came out but Simon denied he wrote them.

Howard also discussed a ‘small crowd’ at a Guns N’ Roses show last week. Howard said he has a beef with Simon and not NBC. He said when this Gabrielle Union thing came out he made the observation about how this is how Simon Cowell operates. He said he wasn’t there when he was working on America’s Got Talent. He said he talked about that this week. He said Sharon Osbourne was let go for criticizing the network. He said they brought in Heidi and Mel when he was there. He said it was a stable group when he was there.

Tom Petty’s daughter leaked a heartbreaking Ozzy Osbourne photo a few days ago. He said he made the observation that once Simon is involved it’s very unusual that the men seem to stay and the women are all replaced. He said they get the younger and sexier gal. Howard said he was talking about how Simon never gets replaced but the girls do. He said he loves Howie but he gets to stay too. He said Simon gets to stay. He said Tyra Banks, Heidi and Mel B were all thrown off. He said this is what he was pointing out.