Gene Simmons ‘Miserable’ Lonely Restaurant Photo Revealed


Gene Simmons has posted a photo of what looks to be someone impersonating him looking miserable eating alone at a restaurant. In other news, teenage KISS and Gene Simmons superfan Sienna Hernandez posted an in-depth product review of the Gene Simmons moneybag soda product line on her channel, KISSbySienna. The sodas were originally launched in 2018 and in cooperation with Rock Steady Sodas. The line includes flavors such as cola, diet cola, ginger all, root beer and creme soda. Gene Simmons’ daughter was caught ‘making out’ in video.

The highly collectible bottlecaps also feature an autograph of Simmons himself. You can purchase the sodas by going HERE. In other news regarding Gene Simmons and KISS – fellow fans discussed how they choose to listen to the music of their preferred rock group in a new topic on the KISSfaq fan forum.

Gene Simmons recently revealed this sad ‘coughing’ illness video. Bruce wrote: “Streaming. Some CD. I’m not, at all, infatuated with physical media (though I like the cover art, etc). It’s awkward and inconvenient to take on the go, for one. And most records have shit songs that need to be skipped, which physical media, like cassettes, don’t make easy. And just having to store all of it, all the time, like a hoarder … no. No way. I can’t be dealing with that.”

Whereas AJRox said: “The way I listen to music varies. Sometimes I may decide to put vinyl on, sometimes I’ll put a CD in a player if I feel like it. I have the majority of my CD collection backed up as FLAC as well as some hi-res albums I purchased in that format, and I’ll listen to those on my PC, whether through headphones or my speaker setup. I also have a fiio X3 1st generation that I put my FLAC files on to listen to (which as amazing little device).”

Ace Frehley revealed if Gene Simmons has ever used drugs not too long ago. The user continued: “After that, I’ll listen to MP3s if I have on a USB drive in my car and there are some on my phone. I also have Spotify, but I don’t really listen to KISS through that. I mainly use Spotify for discovering new music or for listening to songs I like enough to listen to, but not enough to buy.”