Tool Ripoff Prices On Ticketmaster Stun Fans


Ticketmaster is in the headlines yet again, thanks to the company’s prices for an upcoming Tool live show have drawn criticism online.

The metal band is set to perform at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Montville, Connecticut in November, with early access tickets recently becoming available for sale.

Soon after, a fan took to Reddit to address the prohibitive prices practiced by Ticketmaster for the event, with seats with the company’s “Platinum” mark going for as much as $600.

The user shared a screenshot of the company’s website captioned “Wow, Ticketmaster is a rip off. We need musical acts to stand up to this kinda gouging”.

The post elicited strong criticism from fellow users, with many calling out the bands for allowing these prices, saying:

“It’s the band’s decision to do the ‘Platinum’ or ‘dynamic’ pricing, and whether or not they allow resales…”

Another said: “Should look at what Robert Smith has been doing for the current The Cure US tour. It can be addressed but most artists just let their management company handle things like this for them.”

Third one wrote: “Bob got us a decent refund from the fees. He blocked premium resale BS. And even took tickets from scalpers and gave money to charity. Then put the tickets back on sale. Still sold out 3 nights. AND THE CURE DOESNT PLAY THE SAME SET TWICE IN A TOUR!!!!! We deserve better. Especially tool fans.”

Others praised The Cure frontman Robert Smith, who recently made efforts to keep tickets to the band’s North American tour (also promoted by Ticketmaster) at affordable prices.

This is only the latest in many callouts to Ticketmaster, following the company’s controversial “dynamic pricing” models and resale tactics that are seen by many fans as exploitative.