Gene Simmons Films Video Of Daughter Dancing


KISS icon Gene Simmons recently filmed a video of his daughter dancing to her own song after seeing a film. He wrote on social media, “We came out of the theater after seeing HELLBOY and @sophietsimmons was playing on the radio! Amazing!”

Simmons recently told 91.7 Giant FM about how he handles money, having just revealed why you need a prenup if you get divorced.

“[In school,] we learned all kinds of stuff that they taught us — Columbus and 1492 and all that stuff, none of which prepared you or I or anybody else for life as we know it on planet Earth. When we graduate high school, and even college, we’re totally unprepared for what gets thrown in our faces: what’s capitalism? What are taxes? What are mortgages? What are car loans? What’s pre-tax, what’s after-tax? We’re just totally unprepared for it. Young folks get married in their early twenties, and they’re shocked when they can’t make ends meet because nobody taught them how to balance a budget.

“Most people don’t have a fallback position. My car [came with] five wheels. It’s not a loaf of bread — it’s a tire, whether you have it attached to the car or not. Buying a car is a pretty pessimistic point of view. By getting a fifth tire, it assumes you’re going to get a flat tire. That’s a good way to go through life. Whatever it is you’re doing, whether you’re swinging a bat at a baseball game or asking a girl out, you have to assume you’re going to strike out.

You have to have a fallback position. If it’s not going to work out, and you don’t have an answer to, ‘What am I going to do if it doesn’t work out’ — because predominantly, things don’t work out — you’re f’ed up. The smart folks out there aren’t the tallest, the best-looking or the best anything — they’re just very pragmatic about stuff.” Simmons recently made a sad marijuana announcement.