Gene Simmons Makes Sad Divorce Revelation


KISS icon Gene Simmons recently revealed why you need a prenuptial agreement in case of a divorce in a new 91.7 Giant FM interview. A gross Gene Simmons eating photo was revealed yesterday.

Simmons said that during his upcoming speaking tour of Canada, he wants to offer different advice to fans. “If you’re coming to my speaking event and you want to talk about KISS and music and how long’s your tongue and are you my real father and all those other burning questions, I’m happy to talk about that,” he said. “But what I [prefer to] do is I grab the mic, I go into the audience and really talk to people about the choices they’ve done in life and how they can make more money. How you can make more money predominantly comes down to one, being selfish. Me first.

We’re not taught that. Two is having the right thing at the right place at the right time… If you can help yourself, you can help others. People who start businesses make sure that they pay taxes, and there’s people who work for the company, and you’ve got to rent and buy equipment and insurance, and everybody gets paid first, and then the guy that owns the company gets paid last if there’s any profit. Most of the time, businesses fail, [and] the guy that pays himself last loses everything. The workers lose nothing. My advice to everybody is, pay yourself first, especially if you’ve got all the skin in the game. If you start a company, make sure before anybody else gets paid, you pay yourself first.”

“You want to get married? Okay, before you get married, have a cohabitation agreement or a prenuptial agreement. While you still love each other, figure out what the business is not in case, but if and when you finally get divorced. You’d better talk about those financial issues while you love each other than when you wind up hating each other. It’s a better business model… When you love each other, you can make something work. If you hate each other after you’ve been married and you’re miserable, it’s going to be torture for everybody. Nobody thinks about that, because they don’t teach that in school… You live and you learn. I didn’t make that one up, because the stuff you and I learned in school does us zero good in life. They don’t teach Life 101. I’ve got some of the answers, and folks in the audience will say, ‘I’ve got another answer.’ I go, ‘Terrific.’ That’s how you learn. The same solution may not work for everybody, but at least you’ll see the different ways of climbing up the hill. There isn’t just one way. Let me hear the different ways — that one might work for me.”

Simmons posted a rare party photo with a Freddie Mercury bandmate earlier this week. KissKing73 posted a review of the KISS show last night in Montreal on the forums, “Well I’m not sure how they pulled this out, but last night blew the March show away! They were even better this time around. Gene was back on his game, and they whole band was tighter, smiling and laughing through the whole set, and really seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Sitting at the back, right in front of the stage, 6 rows up from the floor, I was able to take in the whole production and I have to say, there isn’t a better production on the road. I saw so much I missed being 3rd row floor back in March.

They added more pyro, and they dropped Do You Love Me and added Crazy Nights, which I really enjoyed. I’m so thankful I got to attend this second show on this tour. THIS is the way I want to remember this band. I can say I’m satisfied and thank you Kiss for kicking our asses last night and delivering one hell of a good time.” Gene Simmons made a surprising marijuana announcement a few days ago.