Steven Tyler Massive Cocaine Use Finally Revealed


Aerosmith recently played at the Borgata in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and a review revealed a quote where Steven Tyler detailed how much cocaine he has used in his life, though he’s been clean in recent years. An Aerosmith member revealed last week if he really beat up Steven Tyler at a recent rehearsal.

The Philly Mag reported, “It’s worth noting that none of the dozens of performances during the residency or mini-tour happen on consecutive days. There is always at least one day of recuperation between shows.

All five members of the band are either pushing or have surpassed the age of 70, and it’s well known that some of them have beaten their bodies up pretty badly during their career, which itself turns 50 next year.

Tyler, the eldest member at 71, has said that he’s ‘snorted half of Peru’ during his time on Earth. These days, I’m guessing its more like shots of B-12 and doses of offstage oxygen.”

Steven Tyler kissed the wife of an A-list star last week, and the star liked it! tomass wrote in a review on the Aeroforce forums, “Ughhh.. I should have known before I bought tickets and convinced 5 other friends to do so as well. Not enough 70’s stuff and the second half of the set is boring as hell.

Especially if you don’t care for the Geffen stuff.. Play songs like Lord Of The Thighs, Walkin’ The Dog, Kings and Queens and Chip Away for the casual Vegas crowd and come back to the East Coast and dish this set up… Just so typical of this band. It is amazing how a song or two can change the vibe of a whole show..

There have been worse setlists, but the Vegas ones were so good. Why not just stick to that? For the most part people were raving about them.

The Train Kept A-Rollin’ B+
Eat the Rich C-
Rag Doll B-
Last Child A
Sweet Emotion A
Hangman Jury A+
Seasons of Wither A+
Stop Messin’ Around B-
Cryin’ F
Livin’ on the Edge D-
Same Old Song and Dance A
Love in an Elevator C-
Dude (Looks Like a Lady) B
Toys in the Attic A-
Dream On A
Walk This Way C.”