Van Halen Singer ‘Disgusted’ By Hair Metal Legend


It’s not, scratch that, it is mostly every day that someone somewhere looks at you with disgust. Ideally, we shouldn’t look at each other at all – unless you really want to be known as a busy body, or the old codger across the street that likes to nose their “nose” into other people’s business. In reality, if you are a man, you should keep your thoughts and opinions and eyes to yourself. It’ll keep you safe and others too for that matter. But that wasn’t the case for David Lee Roth, who apparently likes to be known as a busy body:

As per Ultimate Guitar, Toto’s Steve Lukather recalls his first reaction to hearing Eddie Van Halen’s iconic “Eruption” guitar solo. He looked back on their less-than-cordial meeting.

Lukather’s long career saw him cross roads with the Van Halen camp on more than one occasion. Being the charismatic extrovert that he is (not always a good thing… Gets you into far more trouble than good. Remember the class clown? Always in trouble. Lesson learned), Lukather quickly made friends with the late guitar hero and even got Edward to play bass on his solo debut album.

In an interview, Toto’s main ax was very much aware of Van Halen even before their self-titled debut album came out in 1978 (although he thought it was just one guy whose name and surname was “Van Halen”) – but nothing could prepare him for the first time he got to hear Edward play on “Eruption”:

“Oh, I knew who he was back then. We were doing our first record, and their first album had just come out. And [David] Paich [Toto lead singer] came in the studio with me, and he goes, ‘Hey, I want you to hear something while you’re doing that solo.’ And he played me ‘Eruption’.

“I’m like, ‘What the fuck!?’ I lost my mind, because I’d never heard anything like it before. How does…? What? How? What is- who is – why? I got to know!”