Gene Simmons Humiliates Robert Pattinson


The Demon faces off with The Batman! Taking to social media via Twitter, famed and legendary frontman for ‘The Hottest Band in the Land’ KISS – Gene Simmons, recently gave his take on one of the hottest films in the land, ‘The Batman’. Starring A-list actor Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame, the film has already passed six hundred million dollars worldwide and has been holding on to the number one spot for three weeks plus during its run in theatres.
On the social media platform, Simmons would give his snap review of the film, however, would give his criticism of Pattinson’s ‘Batman voice’ – calling it more suitable for Batman’s well-known caped-sidekick Robin than anything else. This grunge icon would explain why Gene Simmons is wrong.

Simmons would say: “THE BATMAN, is a solid 2-hour movie. Unfortunately, it’s 3 hrs long. Cut out the fat in the middle and it works…Batman is an 8 out of 10, IF you dub Batman’s voice…need a thicker and lower register voice. After all, it’s Batman’s voice….not Robin, the Boy Wonder!”

In deeper Gene Simmons news, during a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Simmons discussed racial issues and noted the following: ““Yes, [America is] racist,” Gene notes in a new interview with Metal Hammer. “Yes, it’s anti-semitic. And yet, here in America, there are no limits. You can have an African American president, you can also have the alternate – a semi-racist, semi-extremist president – but anything’s possible. Which is why I still worship the idea of America: it can get better and it will get better.

KISS are primed to kick their ‘Final Tour Ever’ into high gear as the group will be kicking things off internationally on April 20th in Santiago, Chile at the Movistar Arena. From there, things will continue throughout the year until October 7th until things conclude at the Aftershock Festival at Sacramento, California. That festival will take place on October 7th.