Gene Simmons Reveals Disgusting Elton John Photo


KISS icon Gene Simmons has shared a new photo where he and Elton John look ready to lick each other. He wrote on Twitter, “Elton. 😎.” Ghost singer Tobias Forge recently revealed what Gene Simmons did to Ghost.

KISS are currently on their ‘End of the Road’ tour, but without their original lineup. Double Dynasty wondered on KISSFaq why the ‘Revenge’ band hasn’t been the one touring for the last decade or so. Foo Fighters revealed a stunning Gene Simmons secret recently.

“After the Farewell tour, we could have had the full ‘Revenge’ lineup back in makeup instead of just 3/4th of the lineup that we do today.

There are several theories as to why Bruce Kulick was not asked to re-join KISS, whereas ERIC SINGER WAS: The most prevailing theory, the ‘official KISS whitewashed’ spoon-fed story is that Bruce was under contract with GFR. This could have been solved with a PHONE CALL.

That KISS had become way too comfortable with Tommy, and began to depend on him in many capacities, and if he WASN’T offered the gig, he might bounce. That Bruce Kulick was simply too tall to aesthetically blend with the others in makeup. That Bruce had too much ‘integrity’ to wear the makeup, and that KISS knew this and didn’t ask him. Whatever the case: did KISS throw Bruce under the bus? Why or why not?”

Tommy Thayer commented on joining the band in the latest Sweden Rock Magazine, “It was the most comfortable solution. (…) They didn’t audition any other guitarists, they just said: Tommy, we want you to do this.” You can read the thread on KISSFaq.