Queen Reveal ‘Wicked’ Freddie Mercury AIDS Remark


Queen guitarist Brian May told the times how Freddie Mercury was ‘wicked as ever’ with his wit even as he was dying from AIDS in 1991. U2 frontman Bono revealed in a new article how Freddie Mercury hit on him at Live Aid.

“Certainly those days towards the end were fabulous, full of laughter and joy, Freddie as wicked as ever. He was incredibly matter-of-fact about everything. ‘Oh darling, I’ll just get on with it.’ There wasn’t any self-pity at all.”

He then discussed recording “Mother Love” which later appeared on 1995’s ‘Made in Heaven.’

“He wanted a ballad, so I very quickly sketched something in the studio and Freddie liked it.”

“He said, ‘Gimme some words’. It was a question of scribbling a few lines and he’d chuck a couple of vodkas down — because he could hardly stand at that point — ‘Oh darling, I’ll do it now.’”

“Then he’d prop himself up on the desk and sing the lines. We didn’t quite get to the end. I gave him the last verse and he said, ‘Oh darling, I’m not feeling too good now, so I’ll come back to it. In a couple of days I’ll be fine, we’ll do it then.’ And he never did.”

You can read that full piece at The Times.

A Queen member recently took a brutal shot at a Freddie Mercury classic. Brian May wrote on Instagram on Saturday, “Second night in Madison Square Garden – already just a memory … I had a night of giving it my all yet feeling insecure. This picture seems to capture that feeling. It’s a moment seldom captured of me in my post-Cyborg suit, winding up Bohemian Rhapsody and the set.

Thanks for the pic @freddieliquidmetal – and It makes me happy that it was a great moment for you and for so many passionate attendees … It’s a strange life out here. So much magic, so much warm noise, yet laced with such silences – like right now, as I sit alone with my phone at 1am, wondering what I should share. And what it all really means. Thanks for the love you give us, folks. Bri.”