Gene Simmons Reveals Massive KISS Bank Payments


Rock and roll powerhouse and bassist and co-lead singer of KISS, Gene Simmons has been very pessimistic toward the state of rock and roll as his battle cries of calling the genre ‘dead’ have been well known for quite some time now. In addition, Simmons would even go so far as to double down on the claim earlier this year. However, in rare form, Simmons was asked to clarify his position by X17 Online and the outlet would ask the beloved yet controversial KISS ‘demon’ that for a genre that is supposedly and allegedly ‘dead’ has affected the royalties of KISS at all. To which Simmons replied: “No. We make more than ever before. So it’s not about me. It’s about the baby bands.”

Earlier in the interview, the KISS great would still echo his sentiment that rock is ‘dead’ as a genre, by stating: “Rock is dead. Because as soon as fans were able to download and file-share for free, new bands didn’t have a chance to make a living. And that breaks my heart because there are so many great talented young musicians and writers who are never gonna get the chance that I got. Anything that is free or a penny when it should cost a dollar or more soon is worthless.”

He continued: “From 1958 until 1988, we had Elvis [Presley], The Beatles, all the great bluesmen, Madonna; in disco, you had the great Motown stuff which is unequaled; you had heavy bands — Metallica and Iron Maiden and all that stuff — U2, Prince, David Bowie, all that,” he continued. “From 1988 until today is more than 30 years. Who are the new Beatles? Who are they?”

In other news revolving around Gene Simmons and KISS, the group’s co-vocalist and bassist revealed that a major reason for wanting to retire – keeping their self respect. Simmons made the following comments to Full Metal Jackie during an episode of KLOS’ Whiplash. Credit to Loudwire for the below quote.

“The reason for stopping touring is because of pride and self-respect and a love and admiration for the fans. The last thing you wanna be is to be a world-champion boxer and stay in the ring too long. It’s only a matter of time until your legs are not gonna be able to hold you up, and you’re gonna lose,”