Ghoul Vocalist Talks Latest Album And Forming Band With Horror Icon


From the mysterious land of Creepsyvania comes Ghoul. Mixing in elements of death metal, grindcore and horror scores, Ghoul is one of the best modern thrash bands around today as well as a killer live act. I was recently lucky enough to interview vocalist/guitarist, Digestor on topics such as their recent album Dungeon Bastards and on what horror icon he would hire for the band.


How did your European Tour go? Any plans for an American one soon? If so any idea of who support will be?

Europe was a bloodbath. Scores of hapless, pasty, virgins fell to our blades, and their suffering will go down in the history as some of the worst ever. Songs will be written, by us mainly, about the screams of those sausage-fattened nerds as we gutted and exterminated them; gnawing on their bones until the marrow dripped in globs down our chins. My only complaint is that we had to play shows too.

Many websites have called your last record your best to date? Do you feel the same?


Certain tracks of yours give me a sorta horror score vibe. Are you influenced by horror scores? Who are some of your favorite score artists? What is your thoughts on all these retro-synthwave acts such as Gost and Dance with Death?

I’ve never seen a horror movie in my life. For me it feels too much like work, you know? That being said, I do enjoy the music of Goblin, John Carpenter, and the usual big names. One of my favorite scores is actually the soundtrack to a movie called Terror Vision which was written and performed by a band called The Fibonaccis, which I’m pretty sure is a type of pasta. Synthwave is great if you like listening to music that sounds like an alarm clock on a digital watch, which I do.

On your debut you guys had a more death metal and grindcore influenced sound as opposed to the later more thrash influenced sound you guys are known for. What made you guys make this change?

I think it’s really mostly a change in guitar tuning that you’re hearing. We tuned to D and the music sounded more thrashy, but the riffs on WCFTD are pretty thrashy.

If you could choose any horror film villain to join, who would it be and why? What instrument would they play?

The balding dad guy from Night of the Living Dead. I’d put him on keys, provided he can get through the audition process, which is lengthy and difficult. What’s his rate?