Tool Member Rips Famous Bands For Playing With ‘Backing Tracks’ Live


Tool drummer Danny Carey¬†discussed most bands playing with ‘backing tracks’ live in¬†a new interview with Rhythm Magazine:

“Those [King] Crimson guys, they were the heavies of that era! [Chuckles] They felt dangerous. We had them come out and open for Tool because when they weren’t doing that well or whatever – and to return the favor, they had my other band Pigmy Love Circus open for them.

“Those guys have hearts of gold. You’d think they’d be snobby dicks but every night we played, Robert Fripp would be the one stood there on the side of the stage, digging it because we weren’t syncing to some bullshit like so many other bands.

“We were actually playing live. It’s a sad thing when almost every band you see isn’t playing doing that, it’s the clicks and backing tracks that are keeping time. I’ve never played to a click on stage in my life…”

“You have to put yourself in this environment that’s vulnerable and just fucking go off in the moment.

Carey then discussed Legend of the Seagullmen, his supergroup with Mastodon’s Brent Hinds, saying about their upcoming self-titled debut album:

“Most of the Tool stuff is pretty composed, so doing a song like ‘The Fogger’ on this debut was neat.

“I’m pretty proud of the solo because it was done in one or two takes. I can sit back and say how glad I am it got tracked, I guess the hard part is I’ll never really remember what the hell I did! If we go multi-platinum and loads of people end up listening to us, I will have to learn it for everyone. You sell that many copies, you owe it to the people. [Laughs]

“Honestly, I like being cast in the moment and not knowing what the hell I’m going to do. Because that’s when something will come out of your ass and you’ll do something you’ve never done before.

“Those late ’60s/early ’70s bands would take it really far out and get super-weird. Even early Judas Priest was pretty fuckin’ weird, when you listen to it. That’s what we’re trying to bring back – there was more dedication to your vibe back then. I just loved the commitment.”

During the rest of the chat, Carey was asked about the new Tool update, to which he shared pretty much nothing new, saying:

“All I can say is it’s still something in progress… Definitely this year. [Laughs]”