Green Day Singer Robbed In Heartbreaking Photo


What a week it has been for car jackings in the world of music. First we saw Maynard James Keenan at the hands of a thief with his car stolen with food still in the car. Now, we see Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day posting about his car being stolen. The car that was stolen from Billy Joe you said you have been in the Green Day family for over 30 years. The car can be seen in some of Green Day‘s videos as well as over some social media platforms. Billy Joel is willing to have anybody in anybody help look for the car as long as a contact his local police department to help find out who did it.

The car jacking happened just hours ago at the time of the story. Billy Joe is an avid collector of all things classic and this car was no exception to that rule at all. The description of the car is a pristine 1962 Chevrolet II. The value of the car has gone up and down in price over the last two years due to inflation and prices in the car market crashing and then coming right back up again. Currently, the car is in the realm of about $42,000 at its most recent worth according to reputable online car sources.

Unfortunately for people looking to make a quick buck, Billy Joe is not offering a big reward as it stands currently. That being said, things could change as time elapses and Billy Joe misses the car that he loves most.

It should be stated that comments have been turned off from the Instagram post by Billy Joe which doesn’t seem to be helping the case. We truly hope that Billy Joe finds his car very soon and we will continue to monitor the situation as time goes on with any new news leading to the whereabouts of this vehicle.