Pearl Jam Reportedly Have ‘Commitments’ Planned


Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil revealed in a new Rolling Stone interview that Matt Cameron has Pearl Jam ‘commitments.’

“We’re still in the writing process. We have a dozen things demoed. First things first, here: Matt has these Pearl Jam commitments, and Chris has been doing a lot of touring to support Higher Truth and Temple of the Dog.”

“Since we’ve been attending to the catalog these past seven years, we’ve gotten a chance to give some airtime to songs that didn’t have the opportunity to be heard or performed before, like ‘Storm,’ which we did for the Echo of Miles box, and ‘Black Rain’ [included in the box set and on the compilation Telephantasm], which was a song where the lyrics weren’t dialed in because Chris would later use some of those for ‘Fell on Black Days.’

We’ve also been looking at some songs that Matt was a fan of before he joined Soundgarden that we maybe jammed on but never recorded. Some of these have come out, and some were never released. So there’s some of those out there and we’re going to attend to those as well. Some of them might be catalogue releases – not reissues because the songs haven’t come out yet – but they’re from sessions that were never released. Some may be re-recordings or reinventions, like, let’s re-explore the song with this lineup. That’s really a consequence of me going through the catalogue and looking at what we have and collecting the B sides.”