Green Day Singer Calls Out Shooting Epidemic ‘Cancer’


Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has called mass shootings a ‘cancer’ on our country in a new Instagram announcement. Armstrong’s post is in response to the shootings in El Paso, Texas yesterday, which Blink-182 got caught up in.

“To the people of El Paso. I love you all. One of my favorite places to play. Be strong. These mass shooting massacres are a cancer on our country. We need to take care of each other. Viva Texas.

A la gente de El Paso. Los amo a todos. Uno de mis lugares favoritos para tocar. Sé fuerte. Estas masacres de tiroteo masivo son un cáncer en nuestro país. Necesitamos cuidarnos unos a otros. Viva Texas.”

onmarssarah commented,” To everyone asking when the new song or album is coming out… This is NOT the moment for asking this and especially not on this post..

cinnamonodin149 wrote, “This is f**king sick. Theres been like four shootings in the past week. If you’ve got problems, it doesn’t hurt to talk. Killing innocent lives is not the answer. Grow up America.”

an_uninterested_man said, “Would you advocate a campaign to review the US’s gun laws? The original laws only apply to a state militia. The amendment doesn’t even apply to normal Americans anyway.”

iamdrowninginfootwear chimed in, “To people using lame arguments like “but guns should be allowed for good people to use them too” – yeah sure, and how well is that working out for you? the more guns available, the more shootings like this and violence. dont even try to use that as an argument, if you give a gun to a ‘good person,’ they’ll still shoot someone if they want to.

Good people don’t use guns, good people don’t fight violence with more violence 😉 also, stop blaming this on ‘mental health’ and using it as an excuse for refusing gun control, everyone can do something like this, doesn’t need to be a person with a mental health history. there is NO F**king EXCUSE for not getting a severe gun control law/ban, don’t you people learn? just evolve and stop living in the past, seriously.”

Billie Joe Armstrong and Dave Grohl recently were spotted with a famous female teen singer.