Mick Jagger Drops The Rolling Stones Retirement Bombshell


The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger revealed that he and his bandmates are not retired as they head into 2020, with plans to continue touring as they push their late 70’s and enter into a new decade, approaching their 60th anniversary. Mick Jagger being angry with The Rolling Stones drug use in the studio was recently detailed.

Jagger said on Twitter on New Years Eve, “Hope you all have a safe and happy New Year, looking forward to seeing you in 2020! #happynewyear.”

Stonesdude posted on IORR.org about 2020 The Rolling Stones tour rumors, “If they want to do the two new NFL stadiums the tour would need to go thru at least the first week of August. For 16 shows about 4 days apart and a one week mid break it would probably start about June 1. I agree the official announcement would not he way early, so maybe mid to late March. Various rumors should get better by late Jan. If we’re lucky BV will have a good idea by February sometime and if he is comfortable with releasing the info we should have a decent idea of the tour by mid to late February. Just my 0.02.”

JLowe responded, “Any reason why a late Autumn US tour couldn’t be considered. Time then to complete the album?! Near enough to Christmas time to boost album sales. Just a thought though: US Presidential Election in November …..would that be a problem?”

MisterDDDD chimed in, “I’m betting we’ll see a Jan. announcement. Main reason in addition to bv’s earlier post is the rumors re Jazz Fest… JF has announced another ‘extra day’ for 2020 already, and they make their line-up announcement in early January. Stones like to follow through on commitments, and that makes playing JF seem likely to me.” Mick Jagger ‘abandoning’ The Rolling Stones was recently revealed.