Greta Van Fleet Confirm Breakup With Original Member


Greta Van Fleet finally confirmed the real reason an original member left the band in a new in-depth interview piece, after a bold Greta Van Fleet firing claim was made.

The Drum Magazine article states that Danny Wagner isn’t Greta Van Fleet’s original drummer. He told the magazine that he would follow the band around and watch them perform at biker bars in Frankenmuth, Michigan with their original drummer Kyle Hauck, who he claims left to go to college, and he was eager to take the job.

“I had been studying Kyle’s playing, and I was practicing just in case he split,” he says. “I took Kyle’s parts but changed them to sound like me.” The difference was dramatic and immediate. “We all felt like, ‘Okay, now this sounds like a band.’ Josh told me that he never truly felt confident onstage till I played with him.”

icwelch19 posted, “I’d love if they stuck with a Rush/Boston/Queen type sound, but I know they got a lot of their inspiration from blues, and I’m dying to see more of that in their music— even if that enrages the Greta-copies-Zeppelin haters.”

Greta Van Fleet’s former manager revealed why their last album bombed with fans a few days ago. Darecki555 responded, “‘Neil Young/Simon and Garfunkle/Bob Dylan’ You must be crazy if you think they just drop their electrics and start playing acoustic stuff only. Maybe when they have 50 years+ they’ll start playing like that but not now. I hope that in the next album Josh will start lowering his voice a bit. Because he wont be able to keep up these high notes forever. It will just sounds underwhelming live when he wont be able to do them.”

R1chardHarrow said, “No, I don’t see Jake putting down the axe anytime soon, I meant just more moving in that direction, softer stuff, etc… IDK about Josh’s voice. I suppose it’s true maybe he can’t match it live, when I saw them in May he certainly was on point. But if he wants to go for it on the album I’m all for it.”

You can read the full Danny Wagner piece at Drum Magazine.