Tommy Lee Awful Motley Crue ‘Disease’ Photo Revealed


Motley Crue members have been taking care of health issues ahead of their 2020 reunion tour with Def Leppard and Poison, with Vince Neil undergoing surgery recently, and now Tommy Lee undergoing an MRI to check for diseases. When asked about body piercings on a consent form, Lee wrote, “Nipples, penis, ears, nose!” Nikki Sixx commented, “Overshare!”

Ten Benny wrote about the tour on the MetalSludge.TV forums, “So the LA stop is last. What are the odds Joe Elliott sounds like crap by then?

Let’s be honest, this is probably not going to be a cheap show. Is there any kind of safeguard in place to help ensure these bands sound a little less Autopilot than usual during the run? Because no one going to see those shows is going be dropping cash to hear Vince sing like shit.”

ChungasRevenge said, “Nobody cares how much is live or not which is why these bands keep on going as long as it closely represents the albums. Leppard has enough massive hits that they could blast out in wheelchairs with spoons while the backing tracks play and still draw a crowd. Motley has to put Vince on tape because he’s screeching in tongues as of three years ago. It’s reached the Paul Stanley level where people will head for the exits if they don’t put him on tape.”

Pearcy Lane Michaels said, “So many weekday dates they are playing with this tour…they also have two weeks off after only playing the first 8 shows which is odd. Regardless I’m hitting LA and maybe San Diego and San Francisco…proud nutswinger here.”

KNGNothing838 responded, “Performance wise, Poison is gonna sound the best and have the most energy. They’re gonna come off looking the best, by far. Joe and Vince are pretty overweight and horrible. Bret still sounds and looks like Bret. He never had a huge range but he also never lost anything either.”