Greta Van Fleet Horrible Injury Revealed At Hospital


Greta Van Fleet guitarist Jake Kiszka’s never before seen letter to a family who helped him get to the hospital after breaking his arm has surfaced on social media. Greta Van Fleet were accused of ‘faking’ vocals last week by a rock icon.

“Dear Mawer Family,

Thanks for caring so much! I really appreciated you taking me to the hospital when I broke my arm. Thank you for the thoughtful gifts, they made me feel much better.

Love, Jake

PS Jake’s arm is healing very nicely. Thanks for your help and concern. Karen and Kelly.”

The PS is written by Jake’s parents, Karen and Kelly Kiszka, the parents of Greta Van Fleet’s Kiszka brothers.

Greta Van Fleet delaying their new album was recently revealed. “You’re The One” is one of Greta Van Fleet’s biggest hits and one of their most romantic songs, and fans on Reddit recently discussed the meaning, and whether it is a song for celebration, or more of a song about longing.

WhalliamShakespeare posted, “My fiance wants You’re the One to be our first dance song for our wedding. I love the song, however, my interpretation is it’s about unrequited love/longing. What do you all think?”

mattszerlag chimed in, “I don’t really get too much of a meaning out of any of his lyrics, I think it would go alright. I doubt many will know or even listen to the song. If it makes both of you happy then go for it.”

Rf5773 wrote, “My fiance and I had the same talk. Both of us love the vibe to the song and find it romantic except for the lyrics. We joked about having the band at our wedding play it and change up the lyrics slightly and have 99% of the audience none the wiser. Ultimately we’ll probably pick something else, but update on what you decide!” Greta Van Fleet’s massive bar will was revealed a couple weeks ago.