Greta Van Fleet Accused Of ‘Fake’ Vocals By Rock Icon


Greta Van Fleet were accused of using Auto-Tune by Platinum winning engineer and bass player Dennis Ward in a new YouTube video. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Greta Van Fleet’s massive bill at a bar was recently revealed.

“Okay I’m going to take a risk and say this, I’m probably going to get some hate for this, I don’t care. I’ve been doing this recording engineer job professionally since 1994, so I’m not new to it.

I’ve seen a lot of changes as they came, when they came, and one of the biggest changes in modern recordings was not only the computer recording, but it was the plug-ins, and the good old, dreaded, or famed, Auto-Tuner. They’ve kept everything very organic, very original, very true to the style.

What I can tell you, my ears can tell that the vocals have been fixed in places. Autotune vocal correction is something that has been around for quite a few years now. It started out with Cher in the 90’s, then it went to T-Pain, who really abused the hell out of it. Now it’s become common practice, every studio has it, is using it.

Everything I hear on the radio these days, it’s being used, and overused, and abused. I was a bit surprised to hear it on this Greta Van Fleet song in a couple spots. I might be dead wrong, maybe it’s not Auto-Tuning, but there’s certain effects that I just notice.”

Greta Van Fleet’s mother made a stunning alcohol claim recently. Ward then showed a visual representation on Pro Tools, and even sang a part himself to show how the Auto-Tuning works.

“I kind of wish that on this song they left in more mistakes actually. Some stuff is just too good, to be honest. If you want to go retro, it doesn’t mean retro is bad, or badly played or performed, but sometimes you want the note to be a little blue, a little bit flat, a little bit sharp.” Greta Van Fleet have reportedly delayed their new album.