Maynard James Keenan Tool Fan ‘Insult’ At Show Revealed


Maynard James Keenan poked some fun at Tool fans for taking out their phones at a recent concert before he allows them to at the end of the show. Maynard James Keenan was injured at a Tool show a few days ago.

Airball214 posted on the Tool Reddit, “Did anyone catch what Maynard said before Aenema in AC? Not sure if anyone has a clip of it, but it was dope but I forget the exact wording. I’m not sure what the reference was first either. Something like ‘ACCCCCC. Don’t let your building fall on me. Or do, let’s bring this fucker down.’

Yellow_Rubber_Jacket responded, “Yep that was it. And before Stinkfist, ‘Most of you already did, because you’re dickheads, but you can take out your phones for this last song.'”

BrotherNephew commented, “Yep that’s what he said! He paused for a bit after the first comment, then he said what you said – ‘or do, fuck it let’s bring this fucker down’ right as the music started.”

Tool’s security at a concert was recently criticized for being too aggressive. Speakerfax said, “Pretty much what I heard too. That was awesome, set the place off. I assumed it was in reference to how old Boardwalk Hall is. It’s almost 100 years old.”

Tool fans also weighed in on tour opener Killing Joke. Anomnomnomous posted, “I’m convinced they are paid to come on tour to sound like shit to make Tool sound that much better. How many shows is this already and everyone says the same thing. You mean to tell me professional sound engineers can’t get their act together. Not buying it. I’d love to hear a professional chime in on this.”

NoVAGuitarGuy2 chimed in, “They weren’t that bad… and they are an incredibly influential band, Metallica and Nirvana did covers of their songs and I can definitely hear their influence on Nine Inch Nails and other industrial acts. They’re a lot like the Velvet Underground. They haven’t sold a lot of albums but a lot of people that bought those albums went out and started some kind of heavy band.” A Tool member ‘not being ready’ to perform a surprising song was recently revealed.