Rage Against The Machine Members Reunite In Los Angeles


Rage Against The Machine singer Zack de la Rocha reunited with Tom Morello backstage at Morello’s ‘Atlas Underground’ solo show in Los Angeles on Saturday night, ahead of their 2020 reunion tour. Zack de la Rocha looked sad in a new photo that surfaced yesterday.

Morello wrote ahead of the show, “LA!! TONIGHT at the @BelascoLA, The Atlas Underground Fall Offensive makes its stand. Dangerous riffs will be rocked! Dangerous truths will be revealed! Come early for the great @VicMensa! #GetInThePit.”

A fan named Tadeo Man wrote, “I went to Tom’s show in LA and saw Matt from Muse, Flea from RHCP, and of course the one and only…so I asked him personally, ‘Is it true?’ Then Zack responded, ‘Yes it looks like it’s happening. I’ll see you soon!'”

Zack de la Rocha was recently spotted driving an expensive new car. Festive Owl is reporting that Coachella and the U.S./Mexico border shows will not be the only Rage Against The Machine reunion concerts, as the band have additional shows and festival performances planned for 2020.

Festive Owl tweeted, “More on Rage Against The Machine — In addition to the 5 announced dates including Coachella. According to a source:

The band WILL be adding additional shows + festival dates specifically ahead of the 2020 US election.”

GotToKeepTryingAgain wrote on Reddit, “I expect to be r/DownvotedToOblivion for this, but: not sure whether I should be excited or not, unless something new comes of it this time. If it’s just going to be another ‘Greatest Hits of the 90s’ tour with no new material then what’s the point (other than a fast buck)?”

Healaa said, “Although it may be a quick buck, there’s a whole new generation of fans desperate to see them, I am 24 and live in the UK so I missed out all those years ago and it has been my dream to see them so I’m really excited for a reunion!” Rage Against The Machine unloaded on a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame snub last week.