Greta Van Fleet Make Claim About Dave Grohl’s Mom


Greta Van Fleet discussed meeting Dave Grohl’s mother while recording with Greg Kurstin in Los Angeles in a new Q104.3 interview.

Josh: “John Mayer was there as well. So lots of stuff going on. But I have a really funny story about pulling into the studio one day…

“I was pulling into the studio, a lot of traffic had stopped, and then there was this gentleman who came flying through the parking lane, and we swiped each other, and pulled up.

“So I’ve gotten some sun that day, and I stepped out of the car, and the cops showed up, and they were figuring this stuff out.

“And Sam shows up, and we’re just outside of Henson, and then this TMZ bus pulls up, stops, gets out, and here they come towards us.

“And Sam and I are going, ‘What the hell do we do here?’ So they tell the police we can’t have them around here, so they’re keeping them away.

“I’ve never experienced anything like that but it was like a step into the celebrity in the strangest sense.”

Sam: “That’s Hollywood, baby!”

Josh: “Very uncomfortable. And then it was that night we actually went to a show that Greg Kurstin was playing with Dave Grohl, and we met his mother there, and she is sweet.

“But that was it. And I showed up, and that dressing room is white, and I’m red, and I’m almost feeling the need to apologize for how tomato I’m looking.”