Ozzy Osbourne Wife Rejected By Rock Legend


Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne was almost joined by Michael Schenker in his band in the 80’s, but Schenker said he is happy he rejected working with Ozzy and his lovely wife Sharon Osbourne, as he thinks Sharon would have ‘shot’ him. Ozzy Osbourne recently posted a creepy bending over photo.

He told Classic Rock Magazine, “I don’t follow trends, and because I don’t follow trends I’m not part of any category. I am more of a timeless writer. I am not part of the trends. If anything, I develop trends. In the seventies I developed something that was used in the eighties, and then I withdrew and focused more on the school of life, and experimenting with music, and stuff like that.

Ozzy Osborne would never have made any money with me. He would have been very frustrated. She [Sharon Osbourne] would have shot me probably, but it all worked out for everybody, because the The Scorpions got what they wanted, Ozzy got what he wanted and I got what I wanted. I stayed true to myself.”

Ozzy Osbourne recently made a brutal Elton John revelation. “I was tempted to do it,” Schenker said last week in a new video promoting the Michael Schenker Fest album Revelation. “I said, ‘How can I get away from this?’ And then Cozy was saying, ‘You can’t do this – we’re doing Assault Attack now, we just got Graham Bonnet!’ I thought, ‘I’ll just ask [Osbourne] for the impossible. He’ll maybe say no. And that’s what I did. … I asked for the impossible with the hope that he’d say no, and then I was off the hook.”

You can read the full Schenker interview at Louder Sound.