Greta Van Fleet Member Chokes Bandmate In New Photo


A hilarious photo of Danny Wagner jokingly choking Greta Van Fleet bandmate Josh Kiszka has surfaced. The media have made some crazy Greta Van Fleet and Led Zeppelin comparisons over the years, but one of the weirder ones recently had to be Josh Kiszka being compared to Robert Plant ‘on viagra.’ A former Guns N’ Roses member defended Kiszka from Led Zeppelin ripoff accusations, revealing why he sounds more like Rush singer Geddy Lee.

NME wrote, “A sensation Stateside, Michigan’s Greta Van Fleet are making serious inroads into Europe this year with their electrified, hi-octane blues and country rock topped with singer Josh Kiszka’s moon-howling vocals resembling Robert Plant wired on Viagra. Arena’s beckon, so catch them while you can still bask in the flap of their voluminous new age trousers.”

Former Greta Van Fleet manager Michael Barbee recently discussed original drummer Kyle Hauck being fired from the band and replaced by Danny Wagner with Alternative Nation in an interview series. Below is an excerpt.

“He had some health issues and his work ethic as a band member, I’d say was lacking substantially. He’s the kind of guy that wanted to get paid to practice. He’d let us down. I didn’t find out until we were ready to leave for this show at a biker club that he had hurt his ankle, but then someone would tell me, ‘Oh, I saw him walking around at the football game last night.’ I called Danny [Wagner], and Danny was in Detroit. By the time I got to the show, Danny and his parents were already waiting on me.”