Smashing Pumpkins Begin Recording ‘Mellon Collie 2’


Billy Corgan has announced that Smashing Pumpkins have started to record the sequel to Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness and Machina.

Starting new Smashing Pumpkins album today, the 33 song sequel to MCIS and Machina. Songs are written, lyrics too…so now it’s just record-record-record.

Djgreedo posted on Reddit, “Mellon Collie came out about 2 years after Siamese Dream, and Billy had 28 album tracks and about 20 more as b-sides (not counting covers and alternate versions).

Billy has always been prolific. I wouldn’t worry too much. He’s not been able to tour, so probably just put in a lot of effort during the last year. He probably also has songs from the last 25 years that didn’t fit the last few albums – has he ever said the 33 tracks are all newly written?”

Pugofthewildfrontier said, “The good news is I don’t think this album comes out until Machina reissue has been released. Forces Machina sooner than later.”

Zerotten added, ” True, Machina must be on the horizon but apparently Billy said it’s outta his control when it releases, but it is currently completed.

Notcolinarcher wrote, “Once it’s turned over to UMG, it’s up to the label to decide when they release it. Same goes for the other greatest hits album they still owe UMG to fulfill the contract they have with them. UMG would be stupid to delay it any further given, but it’s entirely possible the next SP album gets released before the Machina reissue. It would make sense to release them at least a few months apart, Machina reissue before the new album as well.”