Greta Van Fleet Member Photographed With Facial Hair


A new studio photo of a Greta Van Fleet member wearing hilarious facial hair has been revealed. Greta Van Fleet have been hard at work in the studio with a big name Foo Fighters producer. The band are currently doing a make up tour in Australia after Josh Kiszka’s health issues forced a postponement earlier this year.

We reported a few days ago that a clip of a new Greta Van Fleet song called “Always There” had leaked, and now fans on Reddit have revealed the clip surfaced because the film it is from, ‘A Million Little Pieces,’ has been released in the United Kingdom.

spoderm888 posted, “When do you think the single will come out? Do you think the leaks will make a difference?”

patricktg3 commented, “The song plays at the end credits of an indie movie that is out in the UK. I feel like they have to release it soon otherwise Greta fans in the UK will just go to the theater and record it lol. How do we not have a full version leak?!”

spoderm888 said, “Update: Saw a pattern with the dates of which singles were released leading up to AOTPA release.. Every one was released on a Friday.. So what I’m thinking is that with the song being partially leaked we’ll see a release date maybe this Friday or the one after? Idk i could be totally overthinking this haha.”

maisquestcequetufais wrote, “Almost every single artist releases new songs on Fridays nowadays. It could be literally any Friday lol.”

SlowShi_ commented, “I’m hoping for late September, maybe around the 25th or 26th because one of my long distance friends and I are going to be together for a week and we both love greta van fleet, I think it would be awesome to listen to it together for the first time, but honestly, I wouldn’t mind if it dropped right now either lol.”

foxwound chimed in, “Depending on the label and/or artist, most releases have been on Friday’s for the past couple of years. I doubt they would release it in October, so that gives us the September 6, 13, 20, or 27. I’m betting the 13 or 20. They could always just drop it without promo but I doubt that too.” A Greta Van Fleet member was caught drinking at the beach in a photo yesterday.