Greta Van Fleet Member Reveals Six Pack Abs In Photo


Greta Van Fleet members are known for being skinny with good physiques, but Sam Kiszka may be in the best shape of them all! A photo was recently taken of Sam flexing his six pack abs onstage while playing keyboard. A stunning leak from the Greta Van Fleet new album recording sessions was revealed yesterday.

A Saucerful of Scarlets recently wrote a piece in defense of Greta Van Fleet on SteveHoffman.TV, “I felt compelled to make this thread after listening to their song Black Smoke Rising. The only other thing I’ve heard is Highway Tune. But after Black Smoke Rising I’m now a supporter. Even if I end up not liking the rest of the albums when I get to hearing them, this song shows me they have some serious potential and I’ll be looking forward to them progress over the years, but I have very little doubt I won’t like the rest of the material.”

“Listening to Black Dog by Led Zeppelin then Black Smoke Rising right after, yes, the similarities are immediately evident. The vocals and guitars are very similar, Black Smoke Rising is a riff heavy song similar to Led Zep stuff and production wise they sound quite similar. However, lyrically and most of all melodically it sounds unlike anything Zep did, while also just being damn good in both regards. If you’ve wanted to hear what this band is about, I recommend forgetting Led Zeppelin’s existence and giving Black Smoke Rising a listen with an open mind/ear.” Crazy Greta Van Fleet alcohol dressing room photos were posted over the weekend.