Greta Van Fleet Member’s Dad Unloads On ‘Weak’ Haters


Greta Van Fleet drummer Danny Wagner’s father has allegedly responded to a podcast ripping into his son’s band, the Turn It Down Podcast reports.

The Turn It Down podcast shared a screenshot of a comment from who appears to be Dan Wagner Sr. Wagner writes, “Ignorant? You must have their Intelligence Quotient Rating. Privileged? Hardly! You obviously haven’t seen a copy of their parents’ tax returns. Phony? No, they are quite real! The only ignorance here, is your weak attempt to get listeners. Also, your definition of ‘covers’ is wrong too! Geesh…”

Greta Van Fleet bassist Sam Kiszka discussed nobody taking the band seriously in their hometown as they started in a new <a href=”” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>ClickOnDetroit interview. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“One of our struggles in the beginning is nobody really took us seriously. Imagine these four kids with fancy haircuts showing up, and they’re like 60 or 70, and expect us to be like the Jonas Brothers or something. We get up and play rock and roll, and that’s when we earned the bikers respect.”

In a new AP interview, guitarist Jake Kiszka said the band are already planning their next album.

When the members of the rock band Greta Van Fleet put their last touches on their first full-length album, they didn’t celebrate with a round of beers or a fancy dinner. They immediately started working on new songs.

“Once we finished ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army’ — the very day that we’d OK’d all the mixing — we started writing the next album,” said Jake Kiszka, the band’s guitarist. “If we’re stagnant, it becomes boring.”

“It’s a silly thing to consider anyone a savior of rock ‘n’ roll. In our opinion, no one king can wear that crown,” said Jake Kiszka, 22. “There’s always someone who carries the torch and takes that into the future and interprets that through their influences.”