Mick Jagger Photographed Bending Over In Hotel Room


The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger was recently photographed bending over at his hotel bedroom balcony for a better view with partner Melanie Hamrick to get a better view of the scenery in Miami. Mick Jagger recently announced the death of a legendary The Rolling Stones collaborator.

Some of Mick Jagger’s solo album will be reissued on vinyl in November, and fans weighed in on if they agree with the decision on the IORR.org boards.

floodonthepage wrote, “I would love a remastered CD of ‘She’s the Boss’ and ‘Primitive Cool’ as I still have the not so great CBS editions. I’ve cooled a bit on “Wandering Spirit” over the years. Where I once thought it was incredible I now think it’s just pretty good and lament that it’s not Keith (or at least Jeff Beck) playing on it but the ever so average Jimmy Rip all over that album.

A Mick Jagger ripoff was recently revealed by an AC/DC member. floodonthepage added, “It’s kind of become the most frustrating of his solo albums because it IS so Stones-like that I am more reminded of what’s lacking rather than just enjoying him exploring solo styles and ideas. Jeff Beck’s work on the first two albums has become more appreciated over the years, despite the very 80’s production of those releases. As for ‘Goddess in the Doorway’, well I sold that along with ‘Superheavy’ years ago.

I’ve got the ‘Goddess’ tracks I need on the “best of” CD and ‘Superheavy’…..meh, it’s an oddity I can listen to on YouTube if I ever get the urge which is highly unlikely…it’s like a movie you don’t really need to see again.”

RockyDijon said, “What is the point of this people ask? Simply that the rights are now leased by Universal and the previous label stopped pressing copies once their license expired. If you don’t want them again, don’t buy them.” Mick Jagger allegedly rejecting to pay a big name a massive bill was revealed last week.