Greta Van Fleet Member’s Hot Actress Girlfriend Revealed


Greta Van Fleet drummer Danny Wagner recently revealed on his Instagram story that his girlfriend was visiting him on tour. Wagner’s girlfriend is Mackenzi Kellie Anthony. She describes herself as, “Actress – Designer – Photographer – Costumer – Adventurer – Stylist – Painter – Fashionista.” You can view photos of Mackenzi and Danny below.

Danny Wagner discussed joining Greta Van Fleet in a Blues Rock Review interview.

I’m originally from Warren, Michigan and as a kid my parents would take me to Frankenmuth for their chicken dinners. I really love your EP and the first time that I heard “Highway Song,” it blew me away. Your drumming is a distinct driving force in the song. How did that song come about.

Thank you very much first off, but it’s actually kind of funny because that song specifically is the only one on the EP that actually dates back to even before I was in the band, which is kind of interesting. The song was written I want to say four or five years ago. It wasn’t written in the current state that it’s in now, it obviously has gone through much more production, but it was one of those songs that as the band was forming it was one of those songs that served as an ode to classic rock. It has a lot of the parts and the feelings and a lot of the showcase, well showcasing of vocals and guitars. It’s one of those songs that you just want to play loud and that’s the direction that the song took us. We started writing it and that’s the direction that it took, on the EP as well.

How did you replace Kyle Hauck, the original drummer?

I think that one of the main reasoning’s behind the replacement was his age relative to the rest of the guys. It’s not that it was too old of an age, but it was at a point where the rest of band were either in middle school or high school and he was graduating high school that year. He just wasn’t exactly sure if it was something that he wanted to pursue. He was at that crucial point in his life. It’s unfortunate that he didn’t have as easy a decision as I did, when I reached my senior year in high school and I think that it just kind of happened that way. It was something where it wasn’t in the heart of it, you know the passion wasn’t exactly there, so I guess the torch was handed to me.