Greta Van Fleet Mocked For Hot Outfits At Bad Show


Greta Van Fleet are the hottest young band in rock, but they’ve definitely got some haters in the press. headlined a recent concert review: “Greta Van Fleet echoes classic rock at dull Cleveland concert.”

Annie Nickoloff wrote in’s review, “Greta Van Fleet is not the most authentic band. The group of twentysomethings from Michigan have studied their favorite classic-rock acts for years. They’ve strung together songs that fit in a playlist with rockers like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Grand Funk Railroad. They wear clothes like their classic rock idols did, and they move like those idols used to move onstage.

On Sunday night in Cleveland, singer Joshua Kiszka emerged wearing white pants so tight that, in certain lighting and at certain angles, he didn’t look like he was wearing pants at all. Guitarist Jake Kiszka wore a goth-black outfit with leather boots, and bassist-keyboardist Sam Kiszka ditched his shirt altogether, with a gold medallion dangling over his bare chest for most of the show.”

The review concluded, “Performance-wise, Greta Van Fleet’s Sunday night show in Cleveland wasn’t particularly memorable.

There was no one moment of Greta Van Fleet’s concert that really stood out as a highlight. It all blurred together into one vague classic rock echo.”

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash discussed Greta Van Fleet in a new Guitar Interactive interview.

“Everybody keeps asking me [that]. I don’t, really. I can’t say that I listen to ’em, but I love the fact that they’re sort of coming from a pure place. I have to admit the stuff I heard does sound very reminiscent of ZEPPELIN, and I’ve heard some stories about how they were raised on that. And it’s all good. When they put out their next record, we’ll see if they can branch away from that and become their own band. But at the same time, the fact that they’re having success is opening up doors for a lot of other kids.”

He added, “There’s a wave coming [of new rock bands]. There’s not really much else I can say, because I do my thing, and I’m sort of watching peripherally what’s happening, what everybody else is doing,” he said. “I have to admit, most of the bands that are putting out records that I listen to are bands that I’ve known for a long time — Alice In Chains’ new record, Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters; whatever.

But there’s a thing happening, bubbling under the surface with kids right now that are going in rock and roll for what I would call all the right reasons, as opposed to trying to be celebrities before they can put together five chords. It seems like there’s a real attitude and a real hunger to do something that’s got some balls.”

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