Maynard James Keenan Makes Disgusting Remark At Tool Show


Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan made a disgustingly hilarious joke about the young age of Tool fans at a recent show in Berlin, Germany. The new Tool album will be released on August 30th.

NicolasGuacamole posted on the Tool Reddit, “In old recordings I’ve heard MJK say some funny stuff at concerts. At Berlin he said very little. It was amusing but yeah pretty sparse. He spoke three times, the first he said ‘Berlin’. Then something like ‘Is anyone in the audience below 26, when we wrote this next song you weren’t even sperm yet’ (intolerance). Lastly it was just basically saying stand down security let people use phones for the last song.

What did he say at other people’s gigs?”

mfmeitbual commented, “One of my favorites that’s not on any recording and the comments weren’t really positive.

August 1998, Tool played Idaho for the first time. Local “metalheads” (read: my drunken troglodyte high school class mates a d their knuckle dragging friends) treated it like they treated the Slayer show. As an event for fuxking people up in the mosh pit. Maynard started subtley…

‘All you men getting all sweaty blushing and punching each other…you’re really getting me going.’ ‘Try pulling my hair, dick, see what happens.’

This escalated to a soliloquy not dissimilar to that heard on the Salival version of Pushit, but less positive.

‘Perhaps we should have prefaced the show. You see, this music we’re playing. Its emotion as opposed to violence. Growth as opposed to stagnancy. Anger as opposed to hatred. So stop fucking each other up.’

The band walked offstage 2/3 through the set, no encore.

When they returned in 2002, the comments were oriented toward us being ignorant hicks. ‘Not sure you heard me – clean the pig shit out of your ears’ was one I really remember.”

Maynard’s chat from r/ToolBand