Greta Van Fleet ‘Offensive’ Young Woman Comment Revealed


Greta Van Fleet played at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium earlier this week, and while fans loved the show, one woman was offended that she wasn’t told the band were hot young men ahead of time.

A fan named Rachel said, “Kind of upset no one told me that the members of Greta Van Fleet were YOUNG and HOT I am so offended.”

Frontman Josh Kiszka thanked fans at the show, which had previously been postponed after his health issues earlier this year, for braving the poor weather to see the show, “First off, I want to thank everyone for waiting out in this weather today. That bit of the evening is over, and now we’re just here in this space together. So this next song is just about, to me, the innocence of love, the unencumbered love. So feel free to sing along with this next one.”

Greta Van Fleet made a painful John Bonham claim a couple of days ago. Tayhud720 posted on Reddit about Greta Van Fleet’s 2020 tour plans, “It’s so crazy to think that the next tour, they’ll be in the bigger arenas! It’s so crazy to think that the next tour, they’ll probably be in the bigger arenas because more people will be on to them. I am so proud of all the progress they have made and the name they have made for themselves! These boys are so talented, I can’t wait to see what they continues to do!!!”

Mattszerlag responded, “I wouldn’t expect drastically bigger venues until they have another bonafide hit song or 2 from the new album. They can demand bigger crowds in the USA, but not quite as big overseas.”

GreenBean2112 chimed in, “They’ll probably still be playing in theaters mostly which I’m totally fine with. I’d rather see them in a place that holds a few thousand people rather than 10000 any day.” A Greta Van Fleet member was ‘thrown out’ near a tour van in a video.